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Quality Assurance

Our utmost care towards the quality of Water Testing Kits, Drinking Water Test Kits, Paint Remover, Spray Paint Remover, Maintenance Chemical, Tank Cleaning Chemical, Home Care & Deck Cleaning Product etc. has given rise to the organization's extreme success in the field. As a result we run quality centric production processes that are based on core industrial norms and international quality standards. Moreover, we follow all the industry set guidelines and ISO standards in the formulation of products that ensure to high effectiveness & flawlessness of the offered range. And our quality control professionals make sure to employ best-effective testing techniques that aid us in offering qualitative products.

Our Product Range:

Maintenance & Tank Cleaning Tank Cleaning Chemical Home Care & Deck Cleaning: Deck Engine:
T-Pol Tank Clean HD Toilet Cleaner Air Cooler Cleaner
Degreaser HD Sea Cleaner Fabrics Laundry Softener Fabsoft Air Cooler Cleaner Alkaline
Balast Tank Cleaner Alkaleen Safety Liquid Carpet Shampoo Air Cooler Cleaner Lt
Air Cooler Cleaner Chembreak Emulsion Brea ker Jumbo Dish Wash Alkaleen Liquid Heavy Duty
Carbon Remover CTC VOLC Cleaner Soft Hand Shampoo Alkleen Safety Liquid
Electrosol QD New Org Biological Toilet Cleaner All Purpose Cleaner
Oil Spill Dispersant-III Hydrocarbon Remover Rxsol Zyme BTC Antifreeze Liquid
Rig Wash Mud & Silt Remover Rxsol Zyme DPC Aqua Break RX
Descaling Liquid Sea Clean Plus Rxsol ZYM 700 FN Aqua Clean HD
Water Less Hand Cold Wash Bleaching Liquid Battery Acid
Cleaner Paste Dye Remover (ORG Dichlor) Glass Cleaner Bilgo Clean
All Purpose Cleaner LAC (Liquid Alkaline Cleaner) Bath Room Cleaner Biological Guard 280 Conc 20 Ltrs
Bilgo Cleaner Furnace Oil Cleaner (Rxsol FO) Air Cooler Cleaner Carbon Cleaner LT
Air Cooler Cleaner Lt Dual HD Cleaner All Purpose Cleaner Carbon Remover 25 Ltrs
Air Cooler Cleaner Alkaline Carbon Remover Edgesol Cleaner Battery Acid Chembreak Quick Separating Degreaser 25 Ltr
Oil Spills Dispersant (Type-I) Disc Cleaner Sodium Dichromate Blend of Acids Foamy Cleaner "Showers" (Foam Brite) Condenser Dispersant Scale Controller 210 Ltrs
Metal Brite Chemical Sodium Hypo Chlorite Brute Thick Tile Condensor Inhibitor (20 Kgs Pkg)
Paint Remover Alkaleen Liquid Heavy Duty Bowl & Porcelain Cleaner Cool Treat 210 Ltrs, Coolant 210 Ltrs
Descalex/Safe Acid Powder All Purpose Cleaner Tech Cockroach Killer Degreaser Heavy Duty - 25 ltr, Degreaser SB 25 Ltr

Dechlorination Soln De Hypo DI Water Industrial Grade DI Water Tech Grade 20 Ltr, Electrosol QD Kg
Water Based Eco Chemical HCF Remover Kitchen Cleaner Fore & Aft
HP Wash Latex Remover White Cettol Hand Cleaner Paste ( Waterless 1 Kg )
Inviro Clean ORG - 8 Cleaning Chemical CTC Volc Cleaner Disc Cleaner 25 Ltr, Hand Cleaner Paste
Aqua Break RX Phenol Cleaner Mop with Handle LAC Alka Liquid HD 210 Ltr
Slip Coat RXSOL 666
Hold Wash G 50 Marine Automobiles Cleaner: Metal Brite 210 Ltrs
Aqua Clean HD Lube Oils Cleaner Air Cooler Cleaner Metalic Brightner HD 25 Ltr
RX Tuff Marine Clean SC Aluminum Cleaner (Trailer Wash Acid) Oil Spill Dispersant Type-III 20 Ltrs
High Foam Agent Metalic Brightner Eco Rust Clean Break - up Powder Oxalic Acid PWD 25 Kg
Unipol Cleaner Moya Oil Car Coating Remover Penetrosol
Fore & AFT Nitric Acid 62 to 68 Car Coating Remover (HD) Rig Wash Citrus Formula 25 Ltr
Universal Wash Rxsol Org-6 Car Wash Shampoo Rig Wash Green

PH Booster Cement Cleaner Rig Wash Green 25 Ltr
Cooling Water Treatment Tank Clean Citrus Auto Degreaser (C.A.D), Concrete Truck Cleaner (CRMC-83) Electrosol Plus
Rocor NB Liquid Secleaner Cleaner Condition All Vinyl Conditoner
Diesel Guard NB Liquid Alkaline Cleaner Tamcks Cleaner Dual Ka Cleaner Water Treatment
Biological Guard
Gloss Tire Enhancer Antifreeze Corrosion & Scale Inhibitor 25 Liters
Cool Treat Test Kit Hand Wash Fast Breaking Suds Combotreat New Formulla 20 kg
RXSOL Extended Life Coolant Passivation Test Kit Hand Wash Soap Lasting Suds CAT Sulphite 20 Ltr
Antifreeze Liquid Nitrite Test Kit High Foaming Vehical Cleaner CAT Sulphite 25 Ltr
Rxsol 2000 Chloride Test Kit Lac Alka Liquid HD Boiler Water Sludge Conditoner
Engine Water Treatment Alkalinity Test Kit Liquid Mix Boiler Water Tratment Auto 20
Rxsol ELC Chloroform Test Kit MAX Concentrate Super Cherry Red Boiler Water Tratment Auto 25

Air Plane Test Kit Nu-look Tire Dressing CAT Sulphite
House Hotel & Caterings: Sulfite Test Kit PH Adjusted Cleaner Combotreat
Air Cooler Cleaner Phosphate Test Kit Powder Mix In Your Drum Condensate Control
Battery Acid Offshore Test Kit ( Complete Set ) Powdered Wash Soap Heavy Duty Condensor Dispersant Scale Controler
Biocide for Closed Loop Chilledwat Rig Laboratory Complete Set Powdered Wash Soap High Sudsing Condensor Inhibitor
RX Marine International Oil Spill Kit 30 Gallon Powdered Wash Soap Medium Sudsing Cooltreat
Glass Cleaner Hydrazine Test Kit with Color Comprater Power Wash Plus Coolant
Rxsol Zyme DPC PH Paper Test Kit Prism Foaming Rainbow Wax Coolant Green RXSOL G 93-94
Reclaim Pit Bacteria Killer & Deodorant RPD-400 Corroision Inhibitor for closed & Open cooling system
Sodium Hypo Chlorite Degrease Cleaner Red Sheater Concentrate Corroision Inhibitor for Closed/Chilled Systems with Nitrite
WHITEX Bleach Air Cooler Cleaner 25 Ltr Super Concentrated Auto Detergent Corrosion Inhibitor for Oxygen Control

Alkleen Safety Liquid 35 Ltr Super Auto Wash Concentrate Corroision Inhibitor Multifunctional Closed/ Chilled Systems
Boiler Water Treatment: Bilgo Clean 20 Liter Traffic Film Remover Corrosion Inhibitor - Laser systems
Oxygen Scavenger Plus Alkalinity Control 25 Liters Trailer Cleaner Condensor-Inhibitor-Antifoulant Conc. Corrosion Inhibitor
Shot Universal BWT Biocide for Closed Loop Chilled Water 210 Ltrs Windshield Cleaner Summer Corrosion Inhibitor-antifoulant For Aluminium Cooling System
Bolier Cogulant Biological Guard Antifouling 25 Ltrs Windshield Washing Anti Freeze Concentrate Corrosion Inhibitor for Diesel Cooling Water Treat
Combotreat for Boiler Water Treatment Boiler Coagulant 20 Ltr
Descaling Liquid
Condensate Control Aqua Clean HD 25 Ltr Deck Engine II Diesel Guard NB
Hardness Control Liquid Battery Acid Rig Wash LIiquid 25 Ltr RXSOL EWT (Engine water treatment)
Oxygen Control Bilgo Clean 25 Ltr Rig Wash Liquid Concentrate 210 Ltr Hardness Control Liquid
CAT Sulphite Biological Guard -280 Conc 20 Ltrs Rig Wash Liquid Concentrate 25 Ltr Combotreat Powder
RXSOL Autotreat Carbon Cleaner LT Rust Remover

Carbon Remover 25 Ltrs Rustosol 25 Ltr Evaporator Treatment
Hold Solution Degreaser Green RX TUFF Cleaner 20 Ltr Portable Water Treatment Liquid
AquaTuff, Bilge Coat Odour Control Degreaser Conc RXSOL ELC (Extended Life Coolant) Vaptreat SOL
Bilgo Clean Safe Part Washing Solvent RXSOL ORG - 12 (Neutralizer)
Cement Remover RX Hold Degreaser for Exterior Cleaning Sea Cleaner Plus 25 Ltrs Fuel Oil Treatment
Chembreak Emulsion Breaker Conc. Deordorized Degreaser Seacleaner 25 Ltr Gama Break
Cola Remover rx Hold Battery Clean Sodium Hypo Chlorite (12-15%) 20 Ltr Fuel Care
Deodorizer Cleaner Butyl Cleaner Coc Stack Sol Guard Dual Purpose Plus
Hold Wash Concentrate RX High Foaming, Tar and Asphalt Remover Conc Sulphuric ( Sulfuric ) Acid Diluted Dieselite Combustion Improver
HP Wash Heavy Duty Grease and Oil Cutter Ultrasonic Cleaner Soot Remover
Lac Alka Liquid HD Soy Tar Remover / Soy Oil Cleaner Rxsol Turbo Cle Aner Dry Engine Soot Remover Liquid
Metalic Brightner HD Soy Degreser and VOC free Tar Remover Turbo Cleaner Dry Chemical Burnaid Additive
Muriatic Acid Electrical Nonflammable Safe Degreaser
Jumbo Dish Wash
Oxalic Acid PWD Dual Strength Surfactant Degreaser
Valvecare Cleaner
RX Tuff Cleaner High Foam High Ph Cleaner Degreaser

High Foam Liquid Detergent Degreaser Conc Low Foaming

RXSOL PCS (Coal/Lime Remover) Citus Cleaner Degreaser / Deordorizer

Slip Coat (Hold Block) Citus Detergent Degreaser

Sodium Hypo Chlorite Citus Rino Degreaser

Degreaser for Industrial Plants

High Ph Degreaser Cleaner(Hot Stuff)

Dry Oil Remover

Moya Oil Concentrate

Coal Tar Cleaner

Floor Cleaning Conc. Low Foamig

General Purpose Cleaner

Services We Offer

  • Tank-cleaning services
  • Cleaning vessels From DPP â€Âœ CPP
  • Vessel preparation
  • Tank cleaning advice
  • Private labeling services
  • Inspection Services for Vessel Tankers and allied
  • Lease Warehouse
  • Membership Plan
  • Logistics Services
  • Credit Policy
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Our Team

We have an enthusiastic team of professionals, who work with full of verve to bring forth the best-effective range of marine chemicals and allied products like Water Testing Kits, Drinking Water Test Kits, etc. They make sure to follow international quality norms, and help us to run qualitative production processes. Moreover, while performing their job the professionals work in a harmonious way that result to smooth and hassle-free working.     

  • Chemical Engineers
  • Production Experts
  • Quality Controllers
  • R&D Experts
  • Skilled Workers
  • Packaging Personnel.  

Infrastructure Facilities

We have a state-of-the-art infrastructural setup, enables us to manufacture and offer an excellent gamut of marine chemicals. Our production unit has all-in-all technologies in terms of tools, machines and techniques that empower to produce products like Water Testing Kits, Drinking Water Test Kits, etc in large quantity and high quality as well. Also there is a proper segregation of units such as production, testing, packaging, warehousing and research & development. Most importantly, these are well coordinated to run smooth production processes.

No. 105, A-Wing, BSEL Tech Park, Opp. Vashi Railway Station, Navi Mumbai - 400705, Maharashtra, India
Phone : 91-22-27815540/65115555/65113333/65119999
Fax : 91-22-27815543/27811318
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